Dynamics Of The Abusive Relationship $7.95
Image of Abuse Booklet Do you wonder if your spouseís/boy friendís/girl friendís words and/or actions are actually abusive and signal a dangerous future for you or your children, then you want to read this booklet. Written by a 14 year law enforcement veteran who has been a practicing Forensic Scientist for the last 16+ years. Most relevantly the author also spent 12 of his early years in daily, intimate contact (conflict?) with a group of verbally abusive and violent alcoholics. Therefore his knowledge of these dynamics is thorough and practical. He describes the Jeckyl/Hyde nature of the beast. How in the beginning the abusive person will be the sweetist, most considerate and attentive suitor/partner; and then once a firm relationship and bond has been created the abuser begins the actions that will slowly but more and more firmly remove their victim (spouse/partner) from all contact with anyone outside of the Abuserís circle of supporters How this process convinces the victim partner/spouse that the Abuser is always right, that they (the abused) are always wrong, always mistaken and canít even correctly remember what has been said to them or said by them! This booklet can also help the family of an abuserís victim to understand why their child/sibling stays with such a person and when the victim is most likely to finally accept help and flee the relationship. Has additional commentary by Dr. Dorothy Gaine, Ph.D. in Psychology. Now for a simple bid of $7.95 per booklet (Postage/envelope/handling included) you can have booklets for all your special friends and relatives.

Photographic prints of various Firearms Muzzle, Cylinder Gap and Barrel Ports discharge flames available for purchase from Examiner Wayne N. Hill Sr.>

Each print is printed on 8-1/2x11 inch Glossy Photo Paper. Simply write down the title of the print, the quantity desired and either mail your payment to:
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22 Magnum, NAA Mini-Revolver Discharge Flames

.22 Magnum NAA Mini-Revolver discharge

Photo Illustrated Wound Range Determining Factors

Close Range, .357 Magnum Gunshot

Close Range .357 Magnum Discharge


Diagrammed .357 Magnum w/Ported Barrel Discharge 

Close Range discharge from Ported Barrel .357 Magnum

Muzzle Flame/Cylinder Gap Discharge Collage

Various Handgun's-.22 LR thru .44 Magnum-Discharge Flames

Homicide Events Reconstruction Sciences-2nd Edition Training Textbook.
Price $99.95 (includes $11.00  for S/H via UPS within United States)
8-1/2x11 inch size, 624 pages-10 pages of full color photographs.

Homicide Events Reconstruction Sciences Text

Homicide Events Reconstruction Sciences-2nd Edition Training Textbook on CD in ADOBE PDF format.
Available on CD in ADOBE PDF format, readable on any computer with the Free ADOBE READER program Price $29.95 S/H included for U.S./Canadian order locations.
Picture of Homicde Events Reconstruction Sciences Text CD